The Tornado 2 (トルネード2 Torunēdo Tsū?), or the Tornado for short, is a vehicle that appears in the anime series Sonic X  and its comic series published by Archie Comics. It is a bi-plane that originally belonging to Sonic the Hedgehog, but was later handed over to his sidekick Miles "Tails" Prower after the fox was able to upgrade it. For a long time, it was used in Sonic and his allies' ongoing battles with Dr. Eggman, but would eventually be replaced by more advanced aircrafts like the X Tornado.



  • Wing Span: 5.7 m (After transformation: 3.7 m)[1]
  • Length: 3.7 m (After transformation: 3.7 m)[1]
  • Height: 2.1 m (After transformation: 3 m)[1]
  • Engine: Tails' original CE engine x 1[1]
  • Armaments:
    • 25mm Machine Guns x 2[1]
    • Improved Homing Missiles x Countless[1]
  • Maximum Speed: Unknown[1]



Originally belonging to Sonic the Hedgehog, the Tornado 2 was found byTails during his first encounter with Sonic. Fascinated by the aircraft, Tails began upgrading it and giving it a new paintjob when he was discovered by Sonic. However, Sonic was so impressed by Tails' mechanical work that he left it in his care as they became fast friends.[2] As the Tornado was continuously upgraded, it would be used by Tails, Sonic and their allies in their battles against Dr. Eggman's robot armies.

In an attack on Dr. Eggman's fortress, Tails used the Tornado 2 for air combat and helping Sonic get to theEggman, while Amy rode along. They eventually got shot down and almost crashed against a large rock, but was saved by Knuckles who punched the rock to pieces, thus ensuring the Tornado 2 landed safely.[3] After being transporting to Earth, the Tornado 2 was used by Tails for a while until it was replaced by the more advanced the X Tornado when the Tornado 2 proved inadequate against E-90 Super Sweeper.[4] The Tornado 2 was later sent back to its home world along with Tails and everyone else, but with the ability to transform into a powerful jet-plane known as the Hyper Tornado.

Archie Comics


  • In "A New Start" Chuck mispronounces "X Tornado Transform" before the Tornado 2 transforms to Hyper Tornado.
  • The X shaped wing of the Tornado 2 bears design elements similar to the X-wing starfighter from the Star Wars series.