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Sonic x ep 63 jap title

This is a transcript of the Sonic X episode Station Break-In.


[The scene begins with the crimson egg ship.]

Eggman: Ha-ha!  Looks like I've hit the jewel jackpot. I found two Chao Emeralds.

Decoe: Hmm, Let's me think. We already have two emeralds, and Sonic has three more.

Bocoe: Plus these two equals seven. All the Chao Emeralds have been found. You are brillant, Doctor!

Eggman: Yes, I know.

Rouge: Don't pat yourself on your hunchback yet.

Eggman: Rouge, what are you doing here?

Rouge: Just having a little look-see around.

Eggman: Hold on!

Rouge: Why Doctor, have you found some emeralds?

Bokkun: I hope she doesn't tell Dr. Eggman my secret.

Eggman: I wasn't planning the keep my discovery from you. I meant to call you up to the bridge.

Rouge: So, where are they?

[The Sonic X opening theme "Gotta Go Fast" or "Sonic X" plays. In Space where the Metarex base fortress.]




Rouge: How do you plan to get in there? It's not like you can go up and knock on the door. If they spot us, we'll be space toast.

Eggman: What's the Blue Typhoon doing here?

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