Starla is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. She is a member of Cosmo's species.


Starla has medium-long dark green hair. Her outfit includes a pink skirt, a red-violet and yellow shirt, and a blue amulet.



Long ago, Starla was a member of the council of Green Gate. When their planet got into a war with a hostile enemy and it became apparent that they were doomed to destruction one way or the other of they stayed, Starla sided with Earthia's plans to have their species evacuate their planet and look for a new home.[1]


It is safe to say that Starla was a strong believer of Earthia and her plans. This is evidenced when she was seen managing the ship Earthia had commissioned to leave their planet, Green Gate, in.


  • Starla was never named in the Japanese original version of Sonic X; she was only named in the English dub of the show.



  1. Masake, Hiro (8 April 2006). "Eye Spy". Sonic X. Season 3. Episode 74.

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