The Spin Attack[1] is a move that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. It is a technique that consists of the user curling into a high-speed projectile.


When performing the Spin Attack, the user curls tightly into a concussive ball and rolls forward at such high speeds that a wave of wind surrounds them (though not always). In this state, the user becoming a powerful projectile, capable of penetrating almost any substance, though extremely durable opponents like Chaos (when transformed) and the Metarex can withstand it. Additionally, the Spin Attack makes the user virtually invulnerable to harm, like when Sonic could hold back a drill while using the Spin Attack.[2] Alternatively, this move can be used for immense leaps.[3]

Very versatile in nature, the Spin Attack can be enhanced in various ways. Exclusive to Sonic can use a Ring to enter "Super Spin Mode" which is a more powerful and almost unstoppable version of the Spin Attack.[4] Using a Chaos Emerald empowers the Spin Attack in a similar way to the Ring, but to a greater degree. Another method is through the Sonic Power Cannon which uses the Master Emerald to empower it enough to let the user generate an electric field around themselves and take down some of the toughest Metarex in one shot. Entering a super form empowers the Spin Attack to its maximum potential, and using it with the Sonic Power Cannon arguments it further, although such power can be fatal to the user.


Combo attack

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The combo attack.

The combo attack is a variant of the Spin Attack used exclusively by Sonic and Knuckles. When using this technique, Sonic and Knuckles join together to form one massive Spin Attack with greater power and flight capabilities.


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