Ricky Sonic X

A lone Ricky.

The Ricky (リッキー Rikkī?) is a creature that appears in the Sonic X anime series and its comic series published by Archie Comics which first debuted in "Defective Detectives". They are a race of non-anthropomorphic squirrels native to Sonic the Hedgehog's world.



The general Ricky resembles a brown-furred and round-shaped tree squirrel, although slightly larger. Their anatomy is also remarkably humanoid. They have large heads with a smaller torso, medium-sized arms with five-fingered hands, medium-length three-toed feet, a long and curled bushy tails, greyish blue eyes, and triangular ears on top of their head. Additionally, they have peach fur around their face and on their belly and a light brown streak on their tail. Other features include cheek tuffs, a small black nose, and hair bangs on their forehead.


Like actual animals, the Rickies speak only in a language consisting of chirps.[1] Although recognized as animal life, they are remarkably intelligent and sociable, having been shown to live in civilized environments and reside in their own houses.[2][3]



As a result of the effects of Chaos Control, several Rickies and other creatures got sent to Earth, raising tension about whether they would be able to coexist with humanity.[2] Despite these concerns, the Rickies kept a peaceful existence on Earth, with one even playing around with humans, until they got sent back to their home planet with the other creatures.[1][4] However, it was not long before Dr. Eggman returned to threaten the Rickies with his plans to take over their world.[3]

Archie Comics

Ricky Sonic X comic

A digital Ricky, from Sonic X #10.

A number of virtual Rickies appeared in a simulation Dr. Eggman trapped Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies in. These Rickies would appear whenever Sonic freed them from badniks or capsule prisons.[5]


Concept artwork


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