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Sonic x ep 45 jap title

This is a transcript of the Sonic X episode Prize Fights.


Eggman: Makes yourselves useful, you dawdling dunces. I'm out of supplies.

Decoe: What's this?

Bocoe: A shopping list?

Decoe: Three tons of extra large nails, five thousand cans of spit and sparkle barnish. When you buy supplies you do not mess around.

Bocoe: But how can we get all of that back from the store?

Eggman: With a great degree of difficulty. Now hunt down that hardware, or else!

Bocoe: Yes, sir!

Docoe: Aye-aye!

Cream: We'll both have neklaces now, Mama.

Chao: Chao.

Cream: Oh, hi there now! Oh, wow, are these for me and them? They're lovely! Are they bautiful, Mama?

Mama: They certainly are, Cream.

Amy: I wish Sonic would do that for me. (she giggles, but then an insect buzzes her, she gasps, she gets her Piko Poko Hammer, tries to get rid of it)