The President's third assistant is an unnamed assistant of the President in the Sonic X anime series.


In his first appearance, he tells the President that they found Sonic and Co. and Dr. Eggman. The president demands they be captured and the assistant tells him it would be better to gather information before making a move. They dispatched a reconnaissance team to the Southern Sea to watch over Eggman. And for Sonic and Co., they planned to dispatch another agent over to their house which was Mister Stewart. In episode 11 "Fly Spy", the assistant along with the President and Co. have a meeting about Dr. Eggman threatening the nation. The assistant says that Sonic's cooperation is essential because he is the only one who managed to stop Dr. Eggman's activities. He also adds the they may have a chance of stopping Eggman is Sonic is brought to their side. The President asks if Sonic will negotiate with them and the assistant replies that they already verified that he understands the human language and that he will make him agree. The President allows it and the assistant thanks him. In episode 23, he goes into a room to see a prototype of the "Beetle" robot. He tells a man there that the President is waiting and to complete it as quickly as possible. In episode 47 "Map of Mayhem", the President and Co. transmit Sonic's conversations. Rouge states that finding out where Seahawk went is important and the assistant agrees because if it fell into enemy hands, the country's defense will be in danger.


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