Planet Aqurius (惑星アクリウス Wakusei Akuriusu?), also called Planet Acryleus,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic X anime series. It was a small planet, located at galactic coordinates 0-0-0, which the Metarex used for their forestation protect, but was destroyed in the ensuring battle against Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies.


Planet Aquirus was an incredibly small planet, only 347,6 kilometers in diameter.[2] Its surface was covered entirely in water with seemingly no seabed. However, it was still dense enough to possess a seemingly normal gravitational pull.


Planet Aqurius is located in space at a converging point of all galaxies which takes place once every one thousand year. During this event, a space-time rupture occurs which creates a rift into an entirely different universe from where an immeasurably powerful light emerges.[3]

The Metarex, who sought for plants to dominate the entire universe, planned to harness the power of the galactic phenomenon occurring on Planet Aqurius for their universe-encompassing forestation project. When the time arrived, the surviving Metarex commanders Dark Oak, Pale Bayleaf and Black Narcissus set up their stolen Planet Eggs and all seven Chaos Emeralds on Planet Aqurius as the phenomenon occurred, causing the planet's Planet Egg to react. With the Planet Eggs providing water and the Chaos Emeralds providing light - the essentials for plant life - the Metarex used the energy from the phenomenon to transform into Final Mova, who encompassed all of Planet Aqurius with its roots.[3]

In the ensure battle with Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, after Dark Oak had absorbed all the Chaos Emeralds' energy, he condensed Planet Aqurius into a seed-like object, becoming one with the planet, to initiate the final part of the forestation protect.[4] Ultimately, Planet Aqurius was destroyed along with Dark Oak by Super Sonic and Super Shadow with the Sonic Power Cannon.[5]



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