Pale Bayleaf (ペール・ベイリーフ Pēru Beirīfu?) is a character from Sonic X. He is an insectoid Metarex with three eyes and a light green cape. His armor is a slightly lighter color.


After the Chaos Emeralds are scattered by a gravity field, he was the first to recover one. Later, Pale Bayleaf made a deal with the people living on the planet of Cascade (namely Leon and most of Cascade's resistance), promising to spare them if they hand over Doctor Eggman. Pale Bayleaf has driven Molly out of Cascade who seemingly disappeared (or killed Molly in the Japanese version). However, his fleet was decimated by Shadow the Hedgehog. Despite this, Bayleaf continued to survive and later formed an alliance with Eggman to launch a massive attack on Sonic and co. Due to a ruse by Eggman, he temporarily thought that he had destroyed the Blue Typhoon. He later imprisoned Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe for stealing secret information.

Following this, Pale Bayleaf teamed up with Black Narcissus to attack the Blue Typhoon during the final battle. He later fused with Black Narcissus and Dark Oak to become a three-headed plant dragon monster named Final Mova. However, he was killed by the Blue Typhoon crew allied with Eggman.


Of all the Metarex commanders, Pale Bayleaf is the most tactical and resourceful,[1] seeking intelligent methods to his problems. He is also quite fearless, not intimidated by Sonic and company.

Powers and abilities

Pale Bayleaf wields a pair of swords; he can apparently either call them back to him or conjure as many as he wants. He also possesses amazing hand-to-hand combat abilities and physical strength, being able to fend off all of Sonic's Ring-enhanced Spin Attacks bare-handed.



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