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Nelson Thorndyke (ネルソン・ソーンダイク Neruson Sōndaiku?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is a human and the husband of Lindsey Thorndyke and father of Christopher Thorndyke. He is the wealthy CEO of Thorndyke Industries, whose company has succeeded well enough for him to be a famous celebrity. Along with his wife, he was able to purchase a beautiful mansion for Chris to enjoy a luxurious life.


In episode 6, he and Lindsey decided to drop by at their home for a visit. When Chris took a while to return home, they start to feel worried. He briefly appears in episode 20 to suggest a cruise to the glaciers as means for relaxation after being tired from the heroes' numerous battles with Doctor Eggman. He later appeared in the following episode along with his wife as sponsors for the race Sam Speed and Sonic are about to partake.

When Chris ran away in the episode before Sonic the Hedgehog and friends return to their world, Nelson thought the best way to make Chris come home was to buy him a whole toy store, but he did a TV broadcast instead. Sometime later, they searched on foot and found Chris and Sonic at a seemingly abandoned log cabin. While Chris was on the Blue Typhoon in Sonic's world, the remaining Thorndykes tried to find a way to teleport to Sonic's world and look for Chris when his wife Lindsey gets worried about him. Nelson states that Chris can handle himself and doesn't need to come back, so they agreed to send items that may help Chris through Vanilla the Rabbit.


Though he is very busy with his job, Nelson often tries to spend time with Chris and be the best father for Chris as he can. While very composed, he tend to overreact when worried, but will act afterwards as he had remained in control of his worries.


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