Mike Pollock

Michael B. "MikePollock (born 9 March 1965, New York), sometimes credited as Herb Lawrence, is an American voice actor who has worked on many English dubs by 4Kids Entertainment. He is most notable for being the voice of Dr. Eggman in Sonic X and in the video games since Shadow the Hedgehog. The decision to replace the video game cast was actually made shortly before Deem Bristow's death, although Sonic Adventure 2 voice clips are re-used in Eggman's playable appearances in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.


Voice acting


  • Mike Pollock attended Sonicon in 2010, along with Jason Griffith, Lisa Ortiz, and Pete Capella.
    • When a fan asked the panel if any of them ever used their character voices in real life, Pollock replied that he went to a carnival in New Jersey and saw some Sonic plushes as a prize at an arcade game. When a little kid went up to win one, Pollock screamed in Eggman's voice "Look! It's Sonic!"
  • During a chat in 2009, Pollock revealed that SEGA was involved with the casting of Sonic X, claiming that they would record their voices during the audition and send it to Sonic Team and SEGA of Japan to see which voices sounded the best.
  • The name "Herb Lawrence" is a tribute to his late father, Herbert Lawrence Pollock.
  • Mike Pollock participated actively in the Sonic community during the early stages of Sonic Boom information release, teasing the fans about possible new characters and Marine appearances.
  • According to one interview, Mike Pollock claimed that when his voice was too scratchy to perform Dr. Eggman's higher-pitched laugh in Sonic X, he would have Dan Green perform the laugh in his place.