Metarex Spike

The Metarex Spike (メタレックス・スパイク Metarekkusu Supaiku?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was a massive Metarex sent to destroy the Blue Typhoon, but was destroy attempting.


The Metarex Spike was a massive, boxy Metarex with sharp horns and blades on its forearms and feet.


The Metarex Spike was dispatched by Dark Oak when the imminent launch of the Blue Typhoon was detected with instructions to destroy the craft. Once at the launching site, it proved a powerful opponent for Sonic and Knuckles. However, it fell as the first victim of the Sonic Power Cannon, with Sonic smashing through its torso and leaving the wreckage to explode.

Powers and abilities

The Metarex Spike was armed with a large array of missile/rocket launchers built into his chest, beam cannons on the ends of his fingers, and a short sword in could produce from a compartment in one arm. He was also capable of folding into a flight mode when in the air.

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