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Landar Normal


Landar is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. He was a male member of a plant-like alien race and husband of Daisy.


Landar had brown skin and long dark green hair with two wooden horns on his head, along with a large lower body and a thick tail. He also wore blue clothing.



When Green Gate entered a war with an unknown enemy, Landar tried to save the people caught in the crossfire by transforming when enemy forces attacked. However, Landar's transformation drained too much of his energy during the fight, causing him to perish in front of his wife, Daisy.[1]

Powers and abilities

Landar Monster

Landar's transformation.

As a male member of his species, Landar had the ability to enter the "Mover Mode", which transforms him into a colossal tyrannosaurus-like creature. In this form, Landar had immense strength and durability, enough to withstand missiles and crush fighter jets with his jaws. However, maintaining this transformation would drain Landar of his own energy and using it for too long would kill him.[1]


  • Landar was never named in the Japanese original version of Sonic X; he was only named in the English dub of the show.


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