Hi-Speed Shoes are objects that appear in the anime series Sonic X. It is a special pair of shoes created by Christopher Thorndyke to help Sonic the Hedgehog.



The Hi-Speed Shoes greatly resemble the Power Sneakers. Featuring more foot-shaped proportions and outlines, they are mostly red with tongues, solid white cuffs, and thin white straps with golden fasteners on each end over their middle. The outsoles are yellow, grey and black, highly detailed, and have a black recess below the in-steps. The rims on the front of the outsoles are white, while the heel rims are grey with red lights and the rims on the middle have yellow and white arches.

Features and abilities


Sonic using the Hi-Speed-Shoes to grind.

Although not disclosed, the Hi-Speed Shoes appear to be made specifically for grinding, making it easier for Sonic to grind on rail-like surfaces and reach high speeds for offense.[1]



Metarex Saga

The Hi-Speed Shoes were created by Chris Thorndyke as a means of helping Sonic the Hedgehog in his adventures so as not to be a burden like in the past.[2] When trying to combat Dr. Eggman and his Egg Bee while Planet Egg-infused plant vines went rampant, Chris gave the Hi-Speed Shoes to Sonic, allowing him to navigate the vines by grinding and take out Eggman's mech.[1]

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