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Sonic x ep 71 jap title

This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode Hedgehog Hunt.


Recap: Last time on Sonic X, A fleet of Metarex lead by Dr. Eggman sent Sonic and friends into shipshock. Our heroes battled bravely, but were quickly outnumbered by their fearsome foes. Sonic rushed a counter attack, when Eggman activated the ultimate speed trap. An energy barrier that Sonic couldn't crack. With the end at hand, Tails came up with a perilous plan, and thanks to the power of the Master Emerald, our heroes foiled the enemy fleet and escaped. But with the rest of the Metarex closing in, Can Sonic and friends survived another siege or have they only delayed their doom? Find out next on Sonic X!

[The Scene begins with the Metarex.]

Dark Oak: We Have Sonic on the Run. He is hiding somewhere in this area.

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