The Gold Beetle (ゴールドビートル?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a mass-produced robot model created and deployed by the military organization Guardian Units of the Nations following the Perfect Chaos incident.


The Gold Beetles basically resemble golden balls with dark blue and red outlines, and armor on the front. On top of them, they have a sharp golden cap with a dark blue-striped edge which is emblazed with GUN's symbol and the number "01". Below this cap, reaching from just behind the edge of their front armor to far behind their back, they have a horizontal turbine disk with a dark blue-striped frame. On their "face", they also have a single lens.



Shadow Saga

Following Perfect Chaos' attack on Station Square, the Gold Beetles were constructed by GUN upon clearance from President to combat the threat of Dr. Eggman.[1] Supposedly, the Gold Beetles' design were derived from the studies of the E-Series robots that the government had gotten a hold of.[2]

Following the several trespasses of Prison Island by both Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog's friends, the Gold Beetles were deployed by the warden, Howard Watcher, to find them. One managed to locate Amy Rose when she was trying to free Sonic from his cell, but was comically smashed up by Amy once she discovered it.[3]

Powers and abilities

The Gold Beetles are capable of flight and can turn invisible.[3]


  • The Gold Beetle is based on the enemy that debuted in Sonic Adventure 2.

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