Galaxina, also referred to as Cosmo's older sister,[1] is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. She was a member of Cosmo's species and Cosmo's older sister. During their space travels however, Galaxina was killed amidst an attack from the Metarex.


Galaxina is physically similar to Cosmo, as having dark cyan colored hair and wears white and yellow clothing. As well as having a similar physical appearance compared to Cosmo, she has teal features.


As opposed to Cosmo, Galaxina is very smart, sophisticated and down-to-earth. Despite this, she is tender and worry a great deal about Cosmo and their mother, Earthia.


  • In the original Japanese version, Galaxina has no name; she was referred to as onee-sama ("big sister") by other members of her clan. It was only in the English dub of Sonic X that she received the name "Galaxina".



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