The GUN Fort V3[1] is a vessel that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a military weapon created by GUN from the remains of the Egg Fort.[2]



Strikingly similar to the Egg Fort, the GUN Fort V3 is nearly identical to its predecessor, except for a grey, red and yellow color scheme. There is a large drill on the bow, which encompasses a lage portion of the craft, as well as two smaller drills on both sides of the rear.

Features and abilities

The GUN Fort V3 is armed with a drill at the front, which lets it plow through obstacles in front of it. It is also capable of firing missiles, and packs enough offensive and defensive power to battle Eggman's own battleships head-on.[2]



Homebound Saga

Created from the salvaged remains of the Egg Fort, the GUN Fort V3 was manned by three G.U.N. agents for a battle with Dr. Eggman's Egg Giant-Makan.[2]



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