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The Freedom Movement carried out by humans.

The Freedom Movement[1] is an event that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It refers to the widespread appeal and adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog's life style on Earth.




The Freedom Movement came as a result of Sonic's gradual exposure to the public, alongside his actions and personality.[2]

Emerl Saga

Several of the employees of Thorndyke Industries, who had become admirers of Sonic, had made it a habit of taking long vacations and absences from work, which caused a huge amount of paper work to pile up for the lack of work.[2]

Homebound Saga

Some time later, the Freedom Movement was still going strong, with many people participating and several pieces of merchandise, such as books and shirts, made for it. Many too began associating the several new world records in various sporting events to Sonic's popularity, though this was not the case.[1]


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