Emerald Coast overview Sonic X
Emerald Coast
is a location in Sonic X. It is a beach at Station Square which is designated as a public resort for citizens.



At some point, Chris's family purchased a beachside villa located in an area of the Emerald Coast where the public did not wander around often. When Chris had to attend the opening ceremony of a newly opened resort, which is located just off the coast from the mainland, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese were allowed to stay at Chris's family's villa in the meantime. Excited about visiting the beach, Tails, Amy, Cram and Cheese set off on the X Tornado to Emerald Coast. Sonic, however, initially refused to go to the Emerald Coast along with his friends, mainly because he hates water.[1]

When Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese arrived at their designated spot at the Emerald Coast, the group immediately settled into their resort activities such as swimming, taking a stroll and building sandcastles. However, at the off-coast resort opening ceremony, Dr. Eggman and his E-38 Octoron attacked the resort, scaring the guests away. Eggman then ordered an army of E-39 Quizons to demolish the resort and remodel it into an amusement park, "Eggman's Scream Park". Sonic heard of this and took off towards the Emerald Coast to stop the mad scientist's plan.[1]

Archie Comics

300 years ago, there lived a pirate named Captain Seamus "Red-Eye" MacGuffin that terrorized the Emerald Coast who plundered coastal towns and robbed any ships he encountered on the sea.[2]

When Nelson and Linsey decided to come home for a visit, the two of them had decided to spend a day with Chris and his friends at their villa at Emerald Coast. While Chris, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese were excited about it, Sonic did not go on the trip.[3]



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