Ella (エラ Era?) is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is the maid for Christopher Thorndyke and his family.


Ella met Sonic the Hedgehog and the others quickly after Cream the Rabbit blows her cover at Chris' dinner party. Ella soon made a close relationship with Cream and Amy Rose.

Ella entered the Emerald Fighting Tournament, battling Big with a frying pan. Froggy hopped out of Big's fur and jumped on Ella, causing her to faint. However, Big was disqualified for going out of the ring while running from Ella. This entire fight was removed from the American 4Kids Entertainment dub.


Ella enjoys her job as a maid, but she dislikes dirt. She can be a hotheaded at times and can practically do anything when in a bad mood, even piloting the X-Tornado.

In the English dub, Ella speaks with a stereotypical Spanish accent.


  • Scarlet Garcia reports that Big and Ella are possibly part of the heavyweight division.
  • Ella dislikes Bokkun since he has often played pranks on her on several occasions.
  • Despite not appearing in the fighting tournament in the English dub of Sonic X, a brief scene of her battle with Big can be seen in the second episode's introduction.
  • In the Japanese ending credits for the first 13 episodes, Ella drags Sonic onto the couch and points to a note next to the television that reads not to sit too close to the television in the dark. Sonic just sheepishly shrugs in response.
  • Ella shares similar features with the character Consuela from Family Guy, with both characters having some Hispanic ethic background and being maids being the prime comparisons.


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