The Egg Golem (エッグゴーレム Eggugōremu?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic. It is a remote-controlled robot created by Dr. Eggman and manned by Bokkun.



Shadow Saga

The Egg Golem was deployed by Bokkun when Sonic and his allies entered Eggman's desert base. While trying to fight them off, the Egg Golem broke a locked door, allowing Sonic and co. to move forward. Despite this, Bokkun had the Egg Golem keep fighting both Sonic and Knuckles. Unable to beat the Egg Golem separately, Sonic and Knuckles collaborated and knocked the robot down, though Bokkun got it back on its feet, using Topaz as a hostage. Through distractions, Mr. Tanaka and Cream stole the Egg Golem's remote from Bokkun, freed Topaz, and had the Egg Golem chase Bokkun away.[2]

The Egg Golem was later seemingly brought under Bokkun's control again and accompanied Bokkun when he cheered Sonic and Shadow on as the Space Colony ARK was falling towards the earth.[3]

Powers and abilities

The Egg Golem is an exceptionally powerful Eggman robot, as neither Sonic or Knuckles could take it on alone. It had enough strength to punch metal doors which Amy could not scratch with her hammer and is durable enough to take a Spin Attack to the face without harm and get back up.[2]

The Egg Golem possessed articulated joints, being able to rotate both his torso 360 degrees around.[2]


  • The Egg Golem is based on the boss from Sonic Adventure 2.



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