E-70 Noizi was a tall, red robot equipped with powerful ultrasonic wave generators created by Dr. Eggman. It has only appeared in Fly Spy. Noizi was 8.2 meters (27 feet) tall and weighed 2.5 tons.


When Topaz and Rouge attempted to steal the Chaos Emerald at Dr. Eggman's fortress, Noizi was alerted to this theft and attacked them. It nearly defeated the agents due to its ultrasonic sound waves, but was bested when Rouge threw a bomb into its main speaker, which clogged it and Topaz set the bomb off, destroying it.[1]


  • In the Japanese version, Noizi is sounded to have a high-pitched female voice and Dr. Eggman even referred to the robot as a 'she'.



  1. Miki, Koji (15 September 2003). "Fly Spy". Sonic X. Season 1. Episode 11.

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