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Decoe (デコー Dekō?) is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is one of Dr. Eggman's personal humanoid assistant robots, whom he aids in his schemes for domination.


Decoe does not have much in the way of personality, but is somewhat absent-minded, clumsy and stupid, often providing comic relief. He tends to constantly reflect on their constant failures and insult Dr. Eggman behind his back and is constantly irritated by Bokkun. He has a common dream with Bocoe of being able to combine into a powerful battle robot (Decoe-Bocoe Cross), but it is merely a fantasy.[5]

Powers and abilities

Decoe has a degree of piloting skills in various subjects, enabling him to run Eggman's various machinery.

Decoe is able to "combine" with Bocoe in various ways to give themselves other functionalities. The "Bokkun Beacon" is where Bocoe sits on top of Decoe and gives them the ability to summon Bokkun via a light signal sent from Bocoe's eyes, and the "Decoe Bocoe Bazzoka Fire" is where they physically join together to form a powerful energy cannon.[6]

Decoe also has high hand-to-hand combat skills, being able to disable Black Narcissus together with Bocoe.


  • Decoe's name sterns from the Japanese word "dekoboko" (凸凹) means unevenness, roughness, ruggedness; it also describes something bumpy, jagged.
    • The symbols on Decoe's chest represent the kanji "凸" in the word "dekoboko".
  • In the early promo for Sonic X, Decoe had a more serious and robotic appearance, in contrast to his cartoonish look and behavior in the final version.
  • According to Eggman, Decoe can be self-destructed although it never happened.
  • Decoe has a Bark the Polar Bear doll in the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.
  • The 1991 anime Kinkyū Hasshin Saver Kids was produced by the same studio as Sonic X, Tokyo Movie Shinsha or TMS Entertainment. The show featured two robots called Omega and Epsilon, with designs nearly exact to Decoe and Bocoe's.
  • It is unknown whether or not Decoe can rust. Most of the time in Sonic X, he would complain about rusting, but in "Cruise Blues" he stated he was incapable of corrosion, which could also be considered rusting.


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