Crimson Egg Profile v2

The Crimson Egg

The Crimson Egg is a spaceship used by Dr. Eggman in Season 3 (Series 2) of Sonic X.


  • Height: 320 m[1]
  • Weight: 435.210 t[1]


When the Blue Typhoon took off, Eggman used the Crimson Egg to chase after it using a tracking beacon on Sonic he implanted on him in "A Cosmic Call".

It was powered by the red Chaos Emerald and later the purple Chaos Emerald until they were scattered again by Super Sonic and Super Shadow's gravity field.

Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun and Rouge resided on it during their voyage and later Shadow. It was once disguised as the Blue Typhoon to save the Blue Typhoon's crew when the Metarex wanted to destroy it. In "So Long Sonic", Eggman said he would scrap the Crimson Egg soon and Rouge had to make new living arrangements.


  • Despite being named the Crimson Egg, the ship was colored purple. However, the ship was originally powered by the red Chaos Emerald.
    • Some variations show crimson as more of a purple color, however.



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